Sunday 17 June 2012

You Get What You Pay For! Why any band is just not good enough...

By far the most common question/comment I get at work is....

"I can get that same size band for less than that, why are they charging more than other bands?"

Well, it is the age old answer that never seems to change.... "YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!"

I went to 2 weddings this week, they were at the same venue but had two very different bands. There were so many things that screamed out the answer to this big question for me, but the 4 biggest differences that stood out for me were these.

Wedding One: The 'cheaper' band

· The guests were on and off the dance floor - the song selection did not quite seem to match the crowd
· Bridal Waltz - Played on CD
· Played 4 x 45 minute sets
· And the clincher for me.... the band started packing up, in between songs, 15 minutes before they finished...WHY? Because they were booked until 11.30pm and they wanted to make sure everything was packed up in advance to leave at exactly that time! 

Wedding Two:  The 'more expensive' band:

· The guests were dancing all night - the couple had met with the band to discuss song selection
· Bridal Waltz - the band pre-recorded a copy of the version they played live on the night, so that the couple were able to practice their bridal waltz at home
· Stopped to eat dinner and dessert :-)  But.... were on stage playing as much as they could!
· And because these guys know a wedding is one of the most important days of a couples lives..... when the couple’s car was late at the end of the night... the band just kept on playing and entertaining, making sure the couple and the guests left on a high and oblivious to the mayhem going on behind the scenes!

And I have purposely not even mentioned the difference in quality of the two bands. Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule...will let you know when I am at a wedding and see it for myself!

Saturday 2 June 2012

ACMAV Charity Ball with entertainment by STTA are....Something To Talk About The Band

WOW!   This will be a night not to be missed. 

The 2012 Australian Chinese Medical Association of Victoria (ACMAV) Charity Ball is fast approaching! 

"YE SHANGHAI" ("SHANGHAI AT NIGHT") will be held on 18th August 2012 at the Savoy Ballroom of The Grand Hyatt Melbourne.

The Charity Ball will be a fundraising event, raising money for both ACMAV and the Chinese Cancer Society of Victoria (CCSV).

The maiden Ball of 2010, "Spring Carnival Fever", was a great success. This year, ACMAV are hoping to make their primary charity function even bigger and better!

Dont miss out on the special guest performances by Ms Bernice Liu (leading Hong Kong TV actress), Ms Uny Chiu (Miss China, Hong Kong 2010) and Ms Shu Cheen Yu (critically acclaimed leading soprano singer).
This will be accompanied by a delectable three course dinner and live music all night by professional band STTA are...Something To Talk About The Band (STTA).

STTA are a trio consisting of two of Australia's finest vocalist and entertainers and one of the country’s most sought after keyboard players and musical directors. Lorenzo Iannotti, Robbie Amato and Veronica Lees all boast over 25 years of industry experience, undeniable stage presence, stand-out talent and a passion to please audiences of all cultures, ages and celebrations.

How could ACMAV possibly choose anyone else to entertain the guests for their Charity Ball?  Not only are STTA professional, versatile and amazingly talented, but their commitment to providing a personalised service to their clients is unheard of. Recently, STTA were asked if they would sing the Chinese ballad 'I Love You' by David Tao for a client function.  Always up for a challenge and eager to provide the client with the event of their dreams, STTA agreed to learn the song! The amount of positive feedback that STTA recieved from the guests following the performance was affirmation that they had done an amazing job!       

If you would like to see STTA perfom the beautiful Chinese ballad 'I Love You', follow this Vimeo link recorded by C2 Video - 

The ACMAC Charity Ball will also have a raffle draw and auction which will provide the opportunity for you to procure special items donated by their sponsors, with proceeds going directly to charity.

Tickets can now be purchased online via Trybooking by following the link:

Alternatively, a link and registration form is available on the ACMAV website:

Tickets are available at $150 per person.  A discounted price of $1400 for a table of 10 is also available.
Book your tickets early to secure your place at "Ye Shanghai" / "Shanghai at Night" in Melbourne! Bring your family and friends along for a memorable night at the Grand Hyatt.

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