Saturday 19 October 2013

Bloom to Belarus - Blue Sky Angels

Blue Sky Talent Company

Bloom Entertainment by Design has teamed up with Blue Sky Talent Company to support their charity work in Minsk, Belarus.

Blue Sky Talent Company is a registered for profit business donating all its income to charity.  Their time in Belarus is spent connecting with children's orphanages and adults in boarding homes and homes for people with disabilities. Blue Sky provides products and services to the people of Belarus by raising money through music, master classes and concerts.

By assisting International performers to come to Belarus, they have proven that talent can help and raise awareness, share experiences and make moments special. This allows their projects to do well and help many disadvantaged people.


Building a positive, consistent, caring relationship with Blue Sky Talent Company was very important to Bloom.  After much consideration, a decision was made to hold a Fundraising event to support the work that  Blue Sky provides in orphanages and adult boarding homes in Belarus.  The fundraising event brought together over 130 people - for an amazing night filled with Melbourne's best entertainers!

Blue Sky Angels

With such amazing singer/songwriters on our team, we thought it would be ideal to  write and record a song for and about Belarus and Blue Sky Talent Company. 

The song 'Blue Sky Angels' has a twofold message in its lyrics - to tell the story of the pain and suffering this community has endured through the lingering effects of the war and to commend the orgnaisation Blue Sky Talent Company for  the amazing work they provide to orphanages, homes for people with disabilities and re-connecting families that have been parted through the war.

'Blue Sky Angels' was launched at the Bloom Entertainment by Design Fundraising Event - Bloom to Belarus on October 11 2013 and performed by LORENZO . All proceeds from the sale of the recording will be donated to Blue Sky Talent Company to provide assistance to their ongoing music programs.

Blue Sky Angels Written by Lorenzo Iannotti &; Michelle Schembri-Lipscombe
Lead Vocals by Lorenzo
Produced, Orchestrated and Mixed by Robert John Sedky @ White Bridge Productions
Backing Vocals by Georga Byrne &; Nardia Brancatisano

CD's available now - $10.00