Sunday 17 August 2014

Bloom Artist Profile - DJ / MC - Nader from Midnight DJ's

DJ / MC - Nader Elalfy - Midnight DJ's
Midnight DJ’s is a professional wedding and event company servicing Melbourne and Country Victoria since 1995.

Owned and operated by Nader Elalfy who is considered one of the leading wedding and event professionals in the Victorian area, promises to provide high quality and customised event planning to your exact specifications. Personalise your night, Choose your own music from a large song list.
Whether it’s conducting the reception for your dream wedding, or planning the perfect corporate party, Midnight DJ’s will take the extra time required to go over every detail of your event exceeding your expectations.

Midnight DJ’s has one simple goal:  Make sure everyone has a great time on the dance floor! They create this feeling by coordinating your day with just the right blend of leadership, communication and experience, resulting in a momentous occasion for all.

Not only has Nader entertained here in Melbourne but all over Australia and the following countries… Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Dubai and Paris, France. As the owner of Midnight DJ’s, Nader puts his heart and soul into every function he does. With experience that surpasses that of most wedding & event professionals, who better to coordinate your special occasion? You can be assured of complete success.

"I welcome you to experience the quality and professionalism of
Midnight DJ’s. Our attention to detail, vocal clarity and music selection
will leave you with lasting memories"

- DJ/MC Nader

Q&A with Bloom... uncovering the person behind the entertainer!

Bloom: Tell us a bit about yourself?
Nader: I’m a corporate and wedding DJ who has been around for about 18 years

Bloom: What is your favourite song?
Nader: WOW, Too many to mention but let’s say All of Me by John Legend as a ballad and Summer by Calvin Harris as a dance track

Bloom: The most memorable event you have performed at?
Nader: Definitely Dubai a few years ago in front of approx. 10,000 people at a major event

Bloom: Favourite music style?
Nader: I love music…Period

Bloom: What do you do to relax when you are not performing?
Nader: MMMM, Depends how relaxed I want to be. Combination of Fishing to actually getting a massage... ha ha

Bloom: What is your favourite part of an event?
Nader: At the climate - as I like to call it. This is usually in the middle of an event where I’m getting everyone jumping up and down to my music….I own the dance floor and their souls

Bloom: Favourite Venue?
Nader: Melbourne has many great venues so here is a few, Lakeside, Luxor, The Willows, The Terrace and the new Vogue Ballroom

For more information or to book Midnight DJ's for your next function contact Bloom Entertainment by Design.
0404 773 169

Thursday 5 June 2014

We are Australia - The Minh Duong Story

If you have watched TV or are on social media in the last year you have probably heard about this young man... Minh Duong.

A young man who came to Australia as an International Student.... looking for a better life and a good education - only to be confronted by the worst of what Australia has to offer.

Bloom Entertainment by Design are excited to support Adrian De Luca and Minh Duong in an upcoming 3 night theatre performance - showcasing Minh's journey in Australia, through expressions of music, story telling and dance - exploring the negative and positive battles of Minh's  Australian experience. You will be entertained by a professional cast of performers, have insight to a story that touches on racism, hope and community, as well as raising money to assist Minh in his ongoing treatment.

Minh Duong, A Vietnamese student studying in Australia, was walking home after working a shift at a 7-Eleven store in 2012 when he was brutally attacked. Three members of a Neo-Nazi group bashed Mr Duong with a brick using such force that the brick broke in half, and left him to die in the gutter. Minh Duong was taken to hospital in a critical condition and, remarkably, survived the unprovoked attack.

Adrian De Luca watched Mr Duong's story on the news. Adrian was touched by what Minh had been through and felt compelled to help in whatever way he could. As a musician, Adrian understood the healing power of music. He contacted Minh and offered him free music lessons, telling him that “music will make you feel better”. Minh Duong accepted his gift, reflecting later that this act of kindness changed his life forever. After the attack Minh had lost all confidence. “I felt sad and depressed, with no hope”, he said.... until Adrian came along. Adrian says that the reason he teaches music is to change lives and bring hope. Music is leading Minh to find peace, and trust in humanity again. He is learning to “keep hope, keep trust, and say no to racism”.

Adrian encouraged Minh to continue his studies when he wanted to give up and return to Vietnam. However, Minh’s studies came to an abrupt halt when the Department of Immigration unexpectedly cancelled his student visa and banned him from re-entering Australia for three years. Adrian recalls walking through the airport with Minh quietly sobbing and saying "I can't finish my studies". Adrian made Minh a promise that he would get him back into the country.

Adrian began a twelve-week battle with the Department of Immigration; Minh’s case was shown on national television several times, the battle to bring him home began. Friends, the Australian community and performers pulled together to show their support. Then Adrian began a petition for the reinstatement of Minh's visa, collecting 89770 signatures.

The Australian Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Scott Morrison, then personally responded to Minh Duong’s case. Minh was granted a new visa and, on March 1 2014, returned to Australia to begin his final year of the Bachelor of Accounting.

The Minh Duong Story will run for 3 consecutive nights - July 10, 11 & 12 at the Mechanics Institute.  The performance will incorporate music, storytelling and dance with feature performers Lorenzo Iannotti & James McNally.

To read Minh's full story, please visit:

We would love to see you there... and to have you be apart of this amazing journey with us.

Tickets are only $25.00 and can be purchased by following the links below:

Thursday 10 July (Featuring Lorenzo Iannotti)
Friday 11 July (Featuring Lorenzo Iannotti)
Saturday 12 July (Featuring James McNally)


Friday 7 February 2014

An inspirational visit to Belarus by Lorenzo Iannotti

The journey begins...

Six months ago, I was approached by two friends of mine, Michelle (Bloom Entertainment by Design) and Jun (Blue Sky Talent Company) with the idea of a joint charity/music adventure that involved me going to Belarus for a music tour. 

Blue Sky Talent Company is a profit for charity business providing music programs to local orphanages, boarding homes and hospices in Belarus. My time in Belarus would be spent performing for the marginalised community of Belarus, teaching master classes and promotion. After much preparation and excitement the ball was set in motion.

Two important things took place in the next 6 months...


In consultation with Bloom Entertainment by Design we decided to hold a fundraising ball to raise money for the work that Blue Sky Talent Company provides.  On October 11 2013, we had an amazing turn out of around 150 attendees, including Jun from Blue Sky Talent Company at the fundraising initiative Bloom to Belarus - the night was filled with amazing performers donating their time.  A combination of talented performers, auction items and the huge generosity of family, friends and colleagues made the night a great success and we were able to raise almost $10,000 in funds.

Secondly, I decided to write and record a song dedicated to the work done by Blue Sky Talent Company. The song 'Blue Sky Angels' has a two-fold message in its lyrics - to tell the story of the pain and suffering the community has ensured through the lingering effects of war and to recognise the amazing work that Blue Sky Talent Company provide to support local orphanages, boarding homes and hospices. 'Blue Sky Angels' is now available to purchase on ITunes.

10 Days... 100 new experiences!

I flew to Belarus looking forward to the opportunity to sing and have a few new experiences along the way. The experiences I had in the short time I was there were life changing... 

I have gained the ability to see the real power and strength of music - the way it can touch a little child’s soul, the way it can make someone smile for the first time in years, the way their joy can bring me to tears.

Chevron Boarding Home

The first charity I attended was at Cherven boarding home for people with disabilities, located 60 kms from Minsk. The visit was organized by Sergey Dougal. I had an amazing experience meeting over 300 residents and staff. To say my first charity visit was an eye opener, is an understatement. I was instantly touched by the children and their stories and amazed by the care and support provided by the staff at the boarding home. My lesson for today... music and touch - two very special human gifts!

Novinski Boarding Home

Novinki boarding home was also a home for children with a disability. It was beautiful to see how captivated the children were by music - I felt so connected to them as they danced and jumped to the songs I performed. As they clapped, and demanded I sing more and more songs, it was the most touching request for an encore I have ever received. I was also fortunate to sing a duet with the director of Novinki which received a beautiful reception by both residents and staff.

Tarasiki Boarding Home

These guys can dance - encore after encore after encore!  They couldn't get enough of the music, and in all honesty, I couldn't get enough of them! What an inspiring, creative, fun day full of laughter, music and lots of dancing!!! .

Kull Boarding Home

What an amazing place Kull Boarding home is, no sitting down here!  Wheelchairs dancing around, residents surrounding me on the dance floor - I absolutely loved the freedom of being able to run through the aisles of residents, singing and dancing with the crowd - what an amazing sense of freedom and pride!

Belarus Children's Hospice

WOW... this was a hard day for me, but probably the most rewarding.  I feel so blessed to have met these courageous, strong, inspiring children - and their families and hospice staff were like guardian angels. I had brought some gifts from Australia and gave these out to the children and staff whilst I was visiting and singing in the rooms at the hospital. Through their smiles, inspirational stories and inner strength these children gave me a gift that will live in me forever! They taught me to value every second of life, cherish your loved ones and live for today!

Master Classes, Key Note Speaker and Media Appearances

On a professional level I was able to achieve many things in Belarus.

The master classes, keynote speaking and performance nights provided me with the opportunity to facilitate an environment for both experienced performers and individuals who have only dreamt of performing.  The events focused on providing the opportunity to practice, perform and increase skills and experience in the art of singing and performing. 

It was also a great experience to be invited to speak and represent Australia in the different facets of International media which focused on me discussing my journey as a performer, my dreams and my future work endeavours.

My visit to Belarus has come to an end... for now!

The days were very long, yet I woke up each morning with an energy I haven't felt in years... I couldn’t wait for each day to unfold and to open myself up to Belarus, its culture and its people. 

I am so grateful to have been given this opportunity, feel so blessed to be apart of the amazing work Blue Sky Talent Company is doing and humbled by every feeling, thought and experience that was placed before me. A trip of a lifetime is an understatement. I have met people I thought did not exist, I have been touched by these invisible people and held the hands of the strongest little angels of Belarus... 

This is not goodbye, just a thank you - I will be back xxx