Monday 29 February 2016

How to choose a wedding band! Should I go to a band showcase?



What is a band showcase

A band showcase is a relaxed, casual, usually free get together where you can see a band perform live.  The band showcase is set up specifically for potential clients (often engaged couples) to meet the band, hear them perform live and get an overall feel for the band.  

What happens at a band showcase?

  • Band member introductions
  • Perform a variety of songs
  • Discuss wedding packages
  • Discuss how the formalities will run on the night - Bridal Waltz, First Dance & Father-Daughter Dance
  • Opportunity to ask questions about your wedding
  • Discuss different line ups on offer 


 Where are band showcases held?


Band showcases are held in many different locations... the most common venues are:

  • Music studio
  • One of the band members homes
  • Bar or restaurant


How long is a band showcase?

Band showcases generally last between 30min and 1hour, depending on whether or not there are many questions form the guests or if the band are happy to play requests.

Can I bring my bridal party or my parents?

Most bands are happy for you to bring your loved ones along to help you make a decision on your entertainment.. just let them know how many people you will be bringing so they can be prepared.

Is it worth going to a band showcase?


A band showcase is a quick, easy way for you to see, meet and hear the band and make an informed decision on your wedding entertainment!

Not all couples choose to go to a showcase, some clients will have already seen the band perform, have been recommended by a family / friend / venue or other wedding supplier or heard a band on the internet... AND sometimes, that is more than enough for you to choose your wedding band

No matter what you choose to do, remember to sit back, relax and enjoy the music!!!


Check out some upcoming showcases this month here:

Check out our biggest booking bands by following the link below:

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If you would like to book in to see any of our band showcases, please call us on
0404 773 169.

Thursday 25 February 2016

Do I REALLY need a Master of Ceremonies (MC)???

The simple answer... YES!!!

What is a Master of Ceremonies
A good Master of Ceremonies (MC) or compere can make your event flow smoothly and flawlessly. The MC is the host of a staged event, wedding or performance. An MC keeps the events of the night moving, introduces speeches and performers and speaks to the audience throughout the event.

Your MC provides the coordination of:
  • Official Welcome
  • Introductions of family and bridal party
  • Cutting of the cake
  • Announce Formalities of the night - Bridal Waltz, First Dance & Father-Daughter Dance
  • Incorporate any other special events ie: floorshow, photographic slideshow
  • Liaise with all relevant parties, including the function manager, photographer, videographer, band, DJ, venue staff, family and friends

As well as this, your MC ensures that all the 'little things' that can go wrong at an event run to plan.  These are the things we only notice if they go wrong.... thinks like:

  • Coordinating with the band to play throughout the 'correct' times so you get the most dance time fitted into your night
  • Ensure your photographer and videographer are on-hand to capture all your formalities
  • Make sure your parents and bridal party are ready to go at speech time
  • Make sure the cars have arrived when you are leaving the venue at the end of the night
  • That you have your flowers for the bouquet toss
  • ... and so MANY more 

Contact Bloom Entertainment by Design about connecting with the professional MC's we consider some of the best in the business!
Sam Muscat

"At a wedding, a planned schedule for introductions, toasts and speeches, orchestrated by a master of ceremonies lends a certain agreeable formality to your special occasions. That's where I come in.

I can recommend a detailed listing of sources and services that will contribute to your special day. Let me assure you that your wedding formalities are well co-ordinated with the sure elegance that they truly deserve".


Mike Larkin
Offering Master of Ceremonies (MC) for Weddings and Corporate Events and Celebrant Services.
Over the years, Mike's outgoing personality and talent has made him a household name as the nightly weatherman for TEN News. As a journalist, he compiles, produces & writes his segments.


Francis Morello

Always happy, stylish and raring to go, Francis will leave a lasting impression at your wedding or family celebration.

Francis is a real estate auctioneer, so he knows how to read a crowd. With your outlined program, Francis is adaptable to last minute changes, yet he ensures you won’t ever have to worry about time getting away. His professional acumen allows you to enjoy your special day for every moment you have envisioned.

Rosie Kalber
Rosie is an experienced wedding and corporate entertainment coordinator and loves going above and beyond for all clients, particularly with her engaging, personalised and fun Master of Ceremonies service.
As a performer, singer & DJ Rosie is very comfortable with leading your guests to have a great night!! Her extensive experience also provides her with a great understanding of how other suppliers work and how to help your wedding run smoothly!

James Liotta
James Liotta is an Australian Italian Award winning Actor as well as: Performer, Comedian, TV-Radio presenter and Producer with over 20 years of experience in the entertainment business working constantly in all facets of the industry.
Over the years he has appeared on various TV shows such as: Underbelly Squizzy, Thank God You're Here, Neighbours, Utopia, Prank Patrol, Upper Middle Bogan, Quizmania, Hey Hey It's Saturday and Satisfaction just to name a few.
Phil Pantano
Phil has been a professional Master of Ceremonies for 20 years. His early experience in function management uniquely qualifies him to bring together all the elements of your event for a night to remember.
He is a charismatic presenter and a charming host. His experiences whilst predominately related to weddings also spans to hosting conferences, auctions, product launches, award nights and other corporate events. Phil speaks both English and Italian and prides himself on being professionally prepared, ensuring the formalities are formal and the fun is fun.


Dean Canan

Deans’ rich warm voice has been likened to that of a radio announcer and he commands a level of attention like no other.

His charisma and charm will brighten up your event leading you professionally through all your formalities and ensuring your event runs to a timely manner.