Monday, 9 February 2015

Bloom Artist Profile - Vocalist / Guitarist - Patrick Cummings from Penny Lane

Penny Lane 

Penny Lane have, collectively, over 50 years experience in the entertainment industry. You can rest assured that when you hire. With Penny Lane you are engaging the services of true professional musicians, who take pride in their craft and deliver accordingly.  They play a catchy and stylish mix of pop, old-school rock, current top 40, Soul, 80’s hits and more and can structure their set list according to your needs – laid back to set the mood or upbeat to get‘em dancing!

Where can we see and hear you perform online:

Q&A with Bloom... uncovering the person behind the entertainer!

Patrick Cummings - 
Lead Male Vocalist / Guitarist

Bloom: What makes you stand out from other bands?
Patrick: Penny Lane are a small group of friends, all professional musicians who enjoy playing together, and letting that good time we are having spill off the stage and into your event. Check out our videos and reviews and we are sure you'll agree. We only put out one line-up of the band per evening, and have only a small roster of professional fill-in players, all of the same high standard, should our principal players be out of action, be it for family time or going on tour.

Bloom: What style of music do you perform? 
Patrick: Everything from 50's Rock and Roll thru to today's Top 40

Bloom: Tell us a bit about yourself?
Patrick: I'm not that interesting :) - um... I was born on St Patrick's Day...

Bloom: What is your role in the band?
Patrick: I co-front the band with Alinta and play guitar

Bloom: What is your favourite song?
Patrick: I actually don't have a favourite, it changes from year to year

Bloom: What other bands have you been a part of?
Patrick: Baker Boys, The White Tree, The Vibes, Abbaration, Velveteen, Dr Beat, Lark, Suburban and Coke, Roxon, Darkhorse, Automan, Minor Detail

Bloom: What is your favourite music style?
Patrick: Folk/Roots

Bloom: Who would you compare your style to?
Patrick: People say I play guitar like Seal and sing like Slash

Bloom: What do you do to relax when you are not performing?
Patrick: Work, work, work and sleep.

Bloom: What is your favourite part of performing?
Patrick: Getting the whole place to go over the top

Bloom: What is your favourite Venue?
Patrick: Train Track at Zonzo

Bloom: Anything else you would like in here
Patrick: Penny Lane are pretty good :)

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