Monday, 29 February 2016

How to choose a wedding band! Should I go to a band showcase?



What is a band showcase

A band showcase is a relaxed, casual, usually free get together where you can see a band perform live.  The band showcase is set up specifically for potential clients (often engaged couples) to meet the band, hear them perform live and get an overall feel for the band.  

What happens at a band showcase?

  • Band member introductions
  • Perform a variety of songs
  • Discuss wedding packages
  • Discuss how the formalities will run on the night - Bridal Waltz, First Dance & Father-Daughter Dance
  • Opportunity to ask questions about your wedding
  • Discuss different line ups on offer 


 Where are band showcases held?


Band showcases are held in many different locations... the most common venues are:

  • Music studio
  • One of the band members homes
  • Bar or restaurant


How long is a band showcase?

Band showcases generally last between 30min and 1hour, depending on whether or not there are many questions form the guests or if the band are happy to play requests.

Can I bring my bridal party or my parents?

Most bands are happy for you to bring your loved ones along to help you make a decision on your entertainment.. just let them know how many people you will be bringing so they can be prepared.

Is it worth going to a band showcase?


A band showcase is a quick, easy way for you to see, meet and hear the band and make an informed decision on your wedding entertainment!

Not all couples choose to go to a showcase, some clients will have already seen the band perform, have been recommended by a family / friend / venue or other wedding supplier or heard a band on the internet... AND sometimes, that is more than enough for you to choose your wedding band

No matter what you choose to do, remember to sit back, relax and enjoy the music!!!


Check out some upcoming showcases this month here:

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