Friday 20 March 2020

Tips for performers during the COVID-19 mayhem

Are you a vocalist, band, MC, DJ, dancer or other performer still doing small gigs during the COVID-19 pandemic?

We understand. You need to work but you also need to be safe.. here are a few simple tips on making sure you have a great time while staying safe and protecting yourself through the gig:

1. DON'T share your microphone

How do you get around this?

Buy a cheap, corded microphone to get you through the next few months.
If someone needs a microphone for speeches or wants to hop up and have a sing- this is the ONLY microphone they use, NOT YOURS. 

Buy a cheap one form Billy Hyde starting from $35.00

2. DO protect all your microphones

Buy some microphone wind socks. Even though they are designed for noise reduction - they are a great quick protector to catch any spit, cheap and disposable. Throw them out after every gig or every time a new speaker uses the microphone (if you are worried about the added cost - ask the client to cover this cost to protect their guests).

Or if you have some time before your next gig - hop onto ebay or Amazon and grab some disposable sanitary antimicrobial microphone covers

Disinfect your microphones before and after every gig. Disinfectant wipes are perfect for this!

Wind Socks approx from JB HiFi cost: $11.00 x 2
Disposable Sanitary antimicrobial microphone covers from Amazon or eBay: $12.00 x 100

3. DO sit and eat separately from guests  

Yes... a lot of times we like to be close to the action but NOT today!  

Ask the venue to have you seated separately from the guests between sets and to eat your meals.
This minimises the amount of time you are spending with people you don't know and it deters guests from coming over for a nice chat.

4. Are you required all night? No, then go home

Are you MCĂ­ng and don't have any formalities after the father/daughter dance?
Are you a dancer that has a 15 minute stint?
Are you a vocalist doing a spotlight performance?

Yes?  Then once your job is done, go home. 
There is no reason to stay at the event, you have met your requirements and successfully completed what you've been paid for.

5. It's OK not to be your usual 'social' self 

As entertainers, we are often very social beings, happy to stay for a drink and have a chat to guests at events.

Right now, you don't need to do this.  

It's OK to spend your time in the green room or in your car during breaks... you don't need to be eating in the same room as 50-99 people you don't know. 

If you are usually an  'interactive'  band and like to share around instruments for some fun, consider leaving them at home for now.  If you love singing on the dance floor amidst the guests, maybe give that a miss at the moment too.

A stage is actually a great tool for social distancing... especially as more alcohol is consumed through the night and guests boundaries decrease - perform from the stage and stay there!

6. ENSURE the client has sent out a message to guests asking them to stay home if they have recently traveled overseas, not feeling well or are immunocompromised.

Provide your client with a suggested spiel to send out to all guests. 

Maybe something like this:

If you are experiencing symptoms similar to cold and flu, are immunocompromised or have returned from an International flight in the last 14 days, I ask that you choose to stay home and catch up with us at a later date.

Above all, stay safe and try and have a great night - it will be better for you and the guests! Remember... this craziness won't last forever!

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