Monday 6 July 2020

Party like its COVID 19!

With all the craziness and uncertainty around COVID 19 at the moment, celebrations have been put on hold and pushed aside as a 2020 disaster!

But... it doesn't have to be this way! 

In fact... with a little help, you can turn a small ISO get together into a special celebration that will be remembered forever!!!
Bloom Entertainment by Design has joined forces with Lorenzo + Co. to turn your celebration from mundane and predictable... to fun and memorable!

Introducing the Mini Styled Flash Mob...  when a performer (or two or three) unexpectedly turns up at a celebration to surprise the special guest with their very own special serenade! 

Styled especially for your loved one celebrating during COVID... your choice of musicians, your choice of songs, your location... and the best thing is that the Mini Styled Flash Mob works its best magic with celebrations under 10 people. 

WHY?  Because it means we can arrive with no microphone or speakers and REALLY surprise the guest of honour!!!


Bloom Entertainment by Design is working on ways to bring a smiles to people’s faces during the pandemic - and what better way to do that with some music and a bit of a SURPRISE!

Some of the ISO celebrations we have done so far have included Birthdays, anniversaries and a couple of wedding proposals!

Drop us an email at or call us on 0404 773 169 to discuss how we can help make your loved ones celebration extra special!!!


  1. Absolutely loving the smile on people's faces when we walk in and do these! Making my ISO time rewarding and so much FUN!

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